Axle Sleeve Installation Guide

Axle Sleeve Installation Guide

STEP 1: Refer to owner’s manual for dis-assembly to the point that your axle shafts can be removed from the housing. (Differential fluid will need to be drained)

STEP 2: Clean the axle tubes until they are free from all foreign debris.

STEP 3: Knurled end out, Insert the sleeve into the axle housing and evenly hammer the sleeves into the housing until the ends of the sleeves are flush with factory axle tube end. (Use of an aluminium puck or bearing race/seal driver set will be necessary to avoid “mushrooming” to sleeve end.)

STEP 4: Repeat on opposite side

STEP 5: Refer to owner’s manual for reassembly and lubrication specifications.

Manufacturers Note: If equipped, the factory axle shaft guide rings will need to be removed from the OEM axle shafts.These are located in the spline portion of each inner axle shaft.

Tech Note: It may be helpful to freeze the sleeves for 24-48 hours prior to install.