Kingone 12000lb 12v Winch with Synthetic Rope


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Kingone 12000lb 12v Winch with Synthetic Rope TDS120SH-12V

This 12000lb winch is also a high speed Kingone winch, it is well suited to the full size tourer with an enhanced line speed & excellent torque. It is supplied with 27.4m of 10mm synthetic UHWMPE winch rope. Winch includes a 5m wired controller TA0906 & Billet Alloy Hawse Fairlead TA0921

The Kingone KDS/TDS series of winches are made to work in our Australian conditions, from hot to cold, wet to dry, the Kingone KDS/TDS series are the winch you want when you are after speed, reliability & general ease of use.

  • Synthetic rope (24.7 metres p/min)
  • Heavy duty series wound motor delivers superior torque output and faster line speed.
  • 3 stage planetary gearbox delivers the most reliable and durable performance of winch under the worst conditions.
  • Automatic, double cone brake.
  • Rotating ring gear clutch for rapid pay out of rope with ease.

When you need recovery you can depend on the Roadsafe KING ONE winch to deliver powerful pulling power and fast line speed. In the conditions we manage to get stuck, it is the high speed, powerful KING ONE TDS/KDS winches that have the muscle and pulling power to get your vehicle back on track.

The KING ONE winch has years behind design, and proven reliability. This is one of the best quality winches in its class, as evidenced by the winning of 4WD Action Winch Comparo (Issue 159). The KING ONE TDS/KDS series has been designed for ease of use and maintenance to suit from novice 4wd activities through to the extreme off-roader. Is it built to take punishment. IP67 rated against dust and water ingress, it feels like quality to operate. It appears like quality to look at it. It is just a quality winch, that you can rely on to get you out of trouble when you need it.

We are so comfortable with the quality of the KING ONE TDS/KDS series winches we back them with a Limited Lifetime Mechanical Warranty.

A winch is an Investment. There are plenty of winches available in the Australian market place, but at the end of the day… you get what you pay for.

So what makes the KING ONE TDS/KDS series winches leaders in their class?

  • R&D, Manufacturing and Testing Facilities  

Ningbo Kingone Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of various winches, established in 2005. Over the past 10 years, as one of China’s key winch manufacturers, KING ONE winches have gained a strong reputation for Superior world-class products. Accordingly, our winches have been used for a variety of purposes including incline load pulling, vehicle recovery, recreation, commercial and military applications.   We focus our efforts on innovation R&D and strict quality control. Appropriately, we have established a professional TEST facility in order to strengthen our new product QC process and increase our competiveness. Our KING ONE winches have been awarded CE certificate and ISO-9001:2008 certificate. Most recently the KING ONE BULL 9.5 won second prize for new products SEMA Show 2015. Wining these kinds of awards is testament to the quality and acceptance the KING ONE brand has the world over.

  • Product Range 

The KING ONE winch range is extensive and includes 4WD Electric, 4WD Hydraulic, ATV and Industrial winch varieties. Whilst Roadsafe carry and stock the 4WD Electric winch range only, the other options are available on order. Also on offer is a full range of winch accessories.

  • Value for Money  

A winch is an investment. The Roadsafe KING ONE range offers an affordable winch solution with the reliability you would expect from top class quality. The KING ONE winch range offers one of the fastest, and most reliable winches in the market place (in the TDS095SH). Having been placed first in the 4WD Action Winch Comparo (Issue 159) – and also placing first for ‘Best Value for Money’ and ‘Lightest Winch’.

With the KING ONE winch you are definitely getting value for money and making a worthwhile investment into your 4WD’ing future.

  • Winch Bar Compatibility    Some vehicles will require complete bull bar removal to allow for winch installation.

The KING ONE range of winches are compatible with the majority of winch bars available today. The patented design of the free spool clutch handle and operation requires no additional height for ‘lifting’ to engage/disengage. The free spool clutch has been designed for strength and ease of operation. With regard to winch size, if you find the TDS are too large, we have the smaller KDS versions available for those tight locations (KDS090 total length 520mm.

The TDS 9.5 and TDS 12.0 winches are physically the same size, and therefore if one fits, the other will too.

The TDS winches will fit into MOST ARB compatible bull bars (with a few exceptions, and caveats). KUN Hilux bull bars will require some cosmetic modification to the rear stone guard. The TDS winches will NOT fit ARB bars on the FJ Cruiser, nor ARB deluxe bars on pre-97 Hilux. If you do buy an ARB bar, be sure to ensure ARB supply you with the winch mounting brackets.

The TDS winches fit with genuine Nissan Patrol bull bars. A fit kit is available from Nissan which provides a mounting bracket for the control box and an additional bracket to allow relocation of the number plate, if required.

The TDS winches have been found to fit with ECB & TJM bull bars.

  • IP67 Rating

The Roadsafe KING ONE winches (KDS & TDS) are IP67 rated by the factory during production assembly – against dust & water.

  • Batch Coding

All KING ONE winches are individually batch coded for traceability.

  • Material 

The material and machining quality of the KING ONE winches is second to none, and sets the internals apart from the rest. You can’t physically see these differences, but only the highest quality steel and materials are utilised. This makes a huge difference to the ease of operation and meshing of the steel components, a difference that you can feel in the general winch operation. This is what the reputation of the KING ONE Winch reliability has been built on.

  • Tie Bar Height

The Tie Bar Height on the KING ONE winches in increased over standard designs (ie. Higher) to allow for greater clearance for when the rope is wound unevenly on the drum.

  • Rotating Ring Gear 

The KING ONE winch works with a 9 point pin locking mechanism in the Rotating Ring Gear, featuring a 14mm locking pin, compared to the standard 4mm pin on standard designs. The massive 14mm allows for easy and confident clutch operation, and locking of the pin.

  • Automatic Brake 

The KING ONE winches are fitted with an Automatic Brake – so once you have tension on the line, and cease winching, the double tapered cone brake automatically applies itself. What does this mean in the real world? It means safety! Save for mechanical failure (which we have never seen!) once the brake is applied there is no possibility for the line to ‘run out’ and lose tension, resulting in much safer winching operations.

  • Braking Heat 

The design of the KING ONE TDS double tapered cone brake means the braking mechanism is located external to the drum eliminating any issues relating to heat build-up and synthetic rope use.

  • Speed 

Our standard 9500lb KING ONE winch runs at 17 metres per minute. On the winch scene this is fast! Looking at opposition winches of equivalent size the speed ranges from 6 to 10.8 meters per minute. The KING ONE winch runs 50% faster. This is an awesome difference, that completely changes the recovery time. The sooner you are recovered, the sooner you can get on your way. 4WD’ers are impatient!!! The faster the better when it comes to recovery. Speed is important! New to the range is a 9500lb High Speed version, that peaks at 19.5 metres per minute. This is the bee’s knees of KING ONE winches, with fast speed, ease of use and maintenance, offered at a competitive price. (Part Number TDS095SH)

  • Clutch & Ease of Freespool

The free spool clutch has been designed for strength and ease of operation.

The freespool clutch certainly makes a difference when you’re scrambling your rope up a hill during a recovery. That is where the KING ONE winch really stands out. The ease in which the rope comes of the drum, and the smooth operation that follows, is a point of difference between winches and a defining feature of the KING ONE products.

  • Free Spool Lever 

The free spool lever handle location on the KING ONE winches is able to be rotated to a position where it is readily accessible depending upon your bull bar requirements.

  • Synthetic Rope or Steel Cable

There is varying opinions on which are better to use, and they both have their place.

Synthetic rope supplied on the Roadsafe KING ONE 9,500lb winches is a diameter of 9mm with a Minimum Breaking Strength:12,700lb (5,760kg)

The key features of synthetic rope when compared to steel cable are…

  • Lighter – 10-15kg difference which is a massive difference when lugging it up hill, and on your vehicles suspension.
  • Easier to use – much lighter and kinder to work with
  • Floats – Rope will float atop the water as rivers or bog holes
  • Safer – In the event Synthetic rope breaks, it does not store anywhere near the same amount of kinetic energy that steel cable does, meaning it will recoil and fall to the ground without being too menacing. It will probably leave a bruise if you are in direct path, but it most cases it will not break bones and shred your skin like cable will in the same scenario. In either case a winch damper is recommended for use with either Synthetic Rope or Steel Cable.
  • Cost – Synthetic rope is traditionally more expensive than steel cable due to its material and manufacturing processes, but the benefits for the social wheeler outweigh the cost.

Steel Cable has a much higher abrasion resistance if left to rub against rocks and debris on the ground without care, however it will be prone to some rust issues and potential kinks which greatly shortens the lifespan.

  • Electricals – Solenoid & wiring      

The electrical components are as important to the winch as the mechanicals itself, if these are not in great condition you won’t be getting the performance offered, putting increased strain on the vehicles charging/battery system.

The Roadsafe KING ONE winches are supplied with a high amperage sealed solenoid to prevent water ingress and covered by a 3 year electrical warranty*.

Amp draw on the KING ONE winches is very low when compared to other brands, this is largely due to the quality of materials used in the construction of the motors and cable sizing, this allows the winch to run at its rated capacity while drawing less power from your charging system, allowing you to winch for longer periods without fatigue.

We recommend that the winch be connected to the main cranking battery in any dual battery configuration, and that all cables are securely cable tied out of the way.

It is important to only winch at 50% duty cycle to maintain the battery and allow the winch to dissipate heat build up before reaching critical levels. Ideally you would winch in for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds, this requirement is more profound after the winch has been used for several minutes in the one recovery scenario. If an end user fails to do so and the winch overheats, there will be physical markings to indicate how the motor failed, and warranty will be denied.

If the winch is under extreme load and the winch fails to retrieve rope, this is called “stalling the motor” and should be stopped immediately! Continuing to do so will burn out the motor which is not covered by warranty. In this instance a Snatch (pulley) block should be used to halve the load on the winch, which in turn halves the (amps) power consumed putting less strain on the vehicles charging/battery system.

  • Limited Lifetime Mechanical Warranty / 3 Year Electrical Warranty  

In the event that there is a claim on a KING ONE winch we will endeavour to make the claim process quick and easy.  Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.  You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Roadsafe (RSV) offer a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty* & 3 Year Electrical Warranty*, to the original winch purchaser.

*There are certain conditions whereby the winch will not be eligible for warranty consideration including:

  • winches returned in pieces;
  • improper selection or installation;
  • winches broken or physically damaged commensurate with being involved in an accident, dropped or otherwise damaged when not in operation;
  • winches that have been modified from standard;
  • winches damaged from incorrect disassembly or re-assembly, where either has been the cause of the issue;
  • product that shows signs of abnormal use, general abuse or neglect; and
  • where the winch was not purchased through a Roadsafe Authorised Stockist (batch coding can determine whether it is a Roadsafe KING ONE winch or from another source).

Water ingress under normal winching conditions is covered by our warranty (using the winch, while it is submerged, is not normal). We understand that winches go through river crossings, and get wet.   The number one enemy of winches is water.   The KING ONE winch is not designed for direct contact with extreme high pressure cleaning equipment or prolonged total immersion. Marine winches are available for this application.

The winch (any winch!) is not a ‘fit and forget’ item. It needs to be used regularly, and maintained. You should operate your winch at least every two to three months (run cable out half way, freespool 5m and rewind) and after river crossings.  

The 4WD Shed are an Authorized Stockist of Roadsafe 4WD

The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers against manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials on mechanical components. Electrical components consisting of motors, solenoids, wiring, remotes, wire connectors and associated parts carry a Limited 3 Year Electrical Warranty. Steel Cable and Synthetic Rope have no applicable warranty after initial use. Neither warranty considerations apply to the finish of the winch or normal wear and tear. RSV’s sole responsibility relating to the terms of this warranty, if any, shall be the replacement of the particular product as indicated. The owner will be responsible for removing the winch and returning it to an approved Roadsafe Authorised Stockist. All freight charges to and from the Stockist and/or RSV will be at the owners expense. If it is determined that replacement parts can be sent out to the owner in order to remedy the problem, this will be done and freight charges for replacement parts covered by RSV. In this situation, the faulty parts will need to be returned by the owner to relevant RSV warehouse (to be advised). RSV will repair or replace any or all winch parts, if after inspection are determined to be defective and deemed under warranty. RSV will not be liable for any installation or removal fees, whether or not the winch is under warranty.

KING ONE winches are intended for use in domestic recovery applications, winches used in commercial or competitive applications will not be covered by warranty.

Shipping Note: Flat Rate Shipping covers most metro areas in Australia. However extra freight charges may apply if residential or in a remote or regional area. We will contact you to advise if this applies to your order.

Line pull:5,442kgs/12,000lbs
Motor: 12V/6.0HP 24V/3.6HP
Gear Train: Three stage
Gear Ratio: 254:1
Freespooling Clutch: Rotating ring gear
Synthetic Rope  Size: Φ11/28″×90′(Φ10mm×27.4m)
Drum Size: Φ2.5″×9″(Φ63.5mm×229mm)
Layer of Synthetic Rope Max Line Pull
1 12,000lbs/5,442kgs
2 9,789lbs/4,445kgs
3 8,273lbs/3,760kgs
4 7,199lbs/3,255kgs
LINE SPEED AND AMP DRAW(1st layer of Synthetic Rope on the drum)
Load Line Speed AMP Draw(12V) AMP Draw(24V)
No Load 29.3FPM/9MPM 60 40
2,000lbs/907kgs 13FPM/4MPM 116 87
4,000lbs/1,814kgs 9.8FPM/3MPM 141 110
6,000lbs/2,722kgs 7.9FPM/2.4MPM 178 129
8,000lbs/3,650kgs 6.9FPM/2.1MPM 224 165
9,500lbs/4,309kgs 6.2FPM/1.9MPM 238 185
11,000lbs/5,000kgs 4.9FPM/1.5MPM 270 214
12,000lbs/5,442kgs 4.5FPM/1.4MPM 285 217
Controller                      TA-0906
Synthetic Rope With Hook
Hawse fairlead              TA-0921
Control Unit                   TA-0909/12V     TA-0909/24V
Mounting Hardware
Handsaver Strap
Winch Weight : 33 kgs/72.8lbs
Gross Weight : 38kgs/83.8lbs
Box Dimension : 647×198×410 mm(25.5″×7.8″×16.1″)


Brand Kingone Winches
Shipping Weight 38.0000kg

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