Queensland Friction Materials (QFM) is an Australian friction material R&D/technology company specializing in the development of unique and specialized friction materials. The company was established in 1988 by John Kalnins and Charles Kalnins. 

John Kalnins was the foremost authority in rubber/plastics chemistry combined with his ground breaking knowledge of friction materials as farback as 1965. Today our friction material formulations are very unique in their polymer modifications, pedal feel and performance. 

Friction Material Development is the marketing and distribution arm of QFM R&D efforts and is continuing to develop new local and export markets.

QFM has a wide range of friction materials available to suit passenger vehicle, 4wd, taxi or performance applications.

QFM is committed to ongoing research and development of existing and new friction materials. New friction materials are being continually developed and tested as part of the QFM commitment to innovation, quality and performance.

 friction materials have earned the reputation for producing innovative high quality specialized compounds for motor vehicles, motor cycles, high performance, industrial, mining and other unique applications.