Tow-Pro Elite 12 Features

Tow-Pro Elite 12 features explained

The impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic has been far reaching, providing both opportunities and challenges. Globally, millions of products are reliant on semiconductor chips and, with production and supply issues brought on by COVID-19, there aren’t enough to meet industry demand.

The shortage of electronic components, combined with the increased demand for products like the Tow-Pro has led us to develop a 12 volt-only version of our award-winning Tow-Pro Elite - the Tow-Pro Elite 12 (EBRH-ACCV3-12).When used with the recommended REDARC wiring kits, the Tow-Pro Elite 12 ensures compatibility with most new vehicle technology and still features Active Calibration. It works in 12 volt vehicles with electric or electric/hydraulic trailer brakes.While REDARC have had to undertake these small changes, the user experience of the new Tow-Pro Elite 12 will remain the same as the existing Tow-Pro Elite.


The new Tow-Pro Elite 12 (EBRH-ACCV3-12) has the same key features as the Tow-Pro Elite V3 but is limited to 12 volt applications, as shown in this table.

Ford Vehicle Compatibility

Please use the Tow-Pro Elite V3 for Ford Ranger and Everest installations. The Tow-Pro Elite 12 is not compatible with Ford Ranger and Everest models.