Shed Charities

The 4WD Shed Support Camp Quality as our preferred charity to donate to.

At The 4WD Shed we love our 4WDs and we love the freedom that owning a 4WD brings to our lives of being able to go to amazing places and see amazing sights.

Not everyone is so lucky to enjoy the freedom we get, Thats why as a business we are happy to get behind a great charity that helps the familys of kids with cancer

For the last Reidies 4×4 mania we were able to raise almost $1000 for this great charity. Since then we have continued to contribute with small Auction style competitions for event tickets & products. We also have drinks available in our waiting room for a gold coin donation which is donated to Camp Quality.

You can also help us raise money by clicking the image below:

Our Philosophy 

We believe in improving the quality of life for children living with cancer and their families through unrelenting optimism and the healing power of laughter.

Our fun therapy creates a supportive environment full of fun and understanding.

What’s fun therapy?

It is what we do and more importantly how we do everything. Each of our programs is centred around fun. It is a weapon we use to fight cancer. The Camp Quality puppets that visit children in hospital is one example. Being involved in fun activities is a great way for children to build resilience and optimism.

How does optimism fit?

There is mounting evidence to show that people with an optimistic outlook have greater happiness and success than those who view the world pessimistically.

Optimism is a fundamental part of our culture. We see possibilities and opportunities in our challenges. We are committed to the continual development of resilient and optimistic behaviours in our staff, volunteers and programs.

Learned optimism

This is about understanding and implementing a set of skills on how to speak to yourself about any of your setbacks from a more encouraging point of view. These ‘event explanations’ can be practiced and learned.

As part of our commitment to unrelenting optimism we encourage our staff, volunteers and supporters to discover and utilize their ‘signature strengths’.