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Logbooks & Scruitineering

LBA1 Log Book Application Procedure

LBA2 Log Book Application Form

LBA3 ROPS Certification Form

LBA4 Scrutineering Checksheet

LBA5 Event Scrutineering Checksheet


Annual / Post Accident Scrutineering

Post Accident Re-Scrutineering Form


Current CCDA Rules

CCDA Manual of motorsport (Rule Book) V11 (2017)

CCDA Manual of motorsport V11 Summary of Changes (2017)



The CCDA is always looking for more scrutineers in all states.  Please contact a committee member for more information. Please always remember to ring and book in well before your event to help ease the load on our scrutineers.


Membership Application

Children or dependent under 16 are not necessary to list on your membership.
Children or dependent over 18 must have their own membership.
Every membership MUST have it's own unique email address.  If you don't have email, we suggest signing up to for a free email address.
If you have previously been a CCDA member and can't seem to access your profile to renew your membership, please email or ring the registrar (whose details are on the "Contact Us" page) before creating a new membership.

Standard CCDA membership includes a spouse and/or children 16-18yo add their details to include them on your membership. (No additional cost)

Online Membership


Event Organiser's Information

This section contains information on how to go about running your own event, including an application for approval in principal and examples of the full CCDA event management plan.

Event Organisation Process

EOP1 Event Organisation Process

Event Application Forms

APP1 Application for Approval in Principal


CCDA Contacts

General correspondence


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