AAA Suspension

The team at AAA Suspension are suspension specialists and have been looking after customers with air suspension needs since the 90's. We are a family owned business based in Melbourne and pride our selves for excellent product knowledge, great service and support.

In-Cab Wiring Kits

Our Digital In Cab Compressor Kit has a twin LED display and electric push button switches beside the gauge, operating 4 electronic valves outside the car - 1 up and 1 down for each bag. This means no air lines inside the car, and a reduced risk of springing an air leak with a lot less air fittings.  The ability to inflate and deflate each bag even while driving is a huge advantage. It means you can get the pressures just how you like them depending upon your load or the driving conditions. Contractors who's load changes weights as the day goes on can quickly adjust the bags as they go with the tickle of a button.

Airbag Kits

Load Assist air bags sit between the chassis and axle to assist with carrying loads. Just add more air until you reach the ride height you want no matter how heavy your load. And when you don't have a load just let the air out of the bags and you are back to having soft suspension and a comfortable ride. If you get heavy springs you cant go back to soft when unloaded and most people find their heavy springs are still not heavy enough anyway. If you see yourself in this predicament then you really should consider air springs to assist your old suspension.