Authorized Stockist of Roadsafe 4WD

Looking for the best brands available for our customers….

One of our main priorities when choosing our brands to stock at The 4WD Shed, was to sell and recommend products that we were comfortable in putting on our own vehicles for use. We feel this is becoming important with the expansion of online shopping & the huge array of products on offer online. Though increased in popularity one downside to online shopping can be wading through countless ads online showing cheap and inferior copies that are now flooding the market. We understand that we all like to save money but knowing where to compromise on cost in order to not pay the price on the safety of you, your family or your property. A good product can be like insurance……when you need it most you want to know you are covered. Our focus was to find known and trusted brands in the Australian market that are affordable without compromising on quality.

One of our major product lines that we supply and fit in store is Roadsafe 4WD. With a large range of products in the 4WD market, Roadsafe have products in the suspension, driveline, electrical, camping & much more to choose from when upgrading and fitting out your 4WD. When we offer these products to our customer, we can do so confidently with the relationship we have built with the team at Roadsafe 4WD. This also allows us to answer questions, recommend products and provide the right solutions.