Airflow 4x4 Snorkels

Airflow Vector have been designing, manufacturing and selling roto-moulded products for the last 30 years. Our extensive experience allows us to create product as varied as Cold Air Induction equipment,  Cold Air Induction Air Cleaners, Snorkels, Portable Toilet Systems, Weather-proof Storage Boxes and many other products developed by our R & D section.

We have been selling snorkels nationally and internationally for 26 years, and manufacturing them for the past 23 years. During that time we have undertaken a comprehensive study program into Mould Design, Mould Making, manufacturing techniques using the latest in Computer Aided Design and where necessary even using Imation Technology. Our facilities now allow us to individually design for any application and to computer simulate both the manufacturing phase and test the application of the design shapes, i.e. in the case of snorkel design airflow characteristics.

Our expertise in this field of application is coupled with our undertanding of air flow. Our recent models provide a new technique called Cold Air Induction provided by our propriatory ACAIS system