Boss Air Suspension

BOSS Australasia has a vision of being recognised by our customers and dealers as the most admired Air Suspension. Load Assist Kit, Compressor and component supplier in Australia and New Zealand.

BOSS air suspension airbags and load assist kits or 'tow kits' as they are called in the USA. Have set the industry standard for over 10 years.

BOSS also leads the way in bag sealing technology. By utilising forged ring stamped top-plate assemblies to ensure long life and removing the possibility of leaking.

BOSS air bags are manufactured using the most technically advanced machinery. Also they are tested far beyond any possible real use scenario



BOSS Air Suspension is recognised as being the leader in Load Assist (Tow Kits) kits in harsh and rugged environments. From the icy reachers of Europe to the 45+ celsius Degree heat of the Australia Outback. 6mm thick steel stamped brackets, welded, then Powder coated with the BOSS Black Finish. Thus adding durability and style while being very easy to install with simple hand tools.


Time to produce a single bag

It takes over 20 minutes for each bag to go from the raw un-cured blended rubber to a cured air bag. 1 machine can only make 1 bag at a time! A time consuming process!

Quality Control

One bag in every 100pc is pressure tested to destruction within a controlled chamber.

Clamping Pressure

Each air bag machine has over 50 tons of clamping pressure on the mold during curing.

Bag Strength

It's not the thickness of the rubber that gives the bag its strength. But the angle of the reinforcing cords and design of the woven beads.

BOSS Airbag Machinery

The BOSS airbag machine is operated at over 400psi while the curing process is taking place with very high heat. We also have an internal bladder pushing the airbag case into the mould ensuring consistency throughout the airbag wall.