CalOffroad Available at The 4WD Shed

CalOffroad, a trusted name in off-road suspension for 4x4 vehicles, is the official distributor of Fox Shocks and CalOffroad Platinum Bilstein Off-Road Suspension, offering unmatched quality and expertise. With over 30 years of motorsport experience and rigorous testing, they provide tailored, top-quality suspension solutions.

The 8th gen Toyota HiLux GUN N80 2015- has been Australia’s best-selling vehicle for seven consecutive years and a top-selling Ute in New Zealand, combining work and adventure capabilities in a reliable package. Through collaboration with Bilstein and TRD engineers, CalOffroad has developed the market-leading suspension package specifically for the Toyota HiLux. Explore our full range of Toyota HiLux suspension upgrades below.

2” or 3” Complete Lift Kits
The CalOffroad Platinum Series and FOX suspension lift kit is designed to increase the height of your vehicle, providing you with more clearance and better handling than ever before, allowing the fitment of larger wheels & tyres to reduce the chances of your vehicle bottoming out and improve off-road performance. Explore some new terrain with the CalOffroad Platinum Series and FOX suspension lift kits.

Front/Rear Coil Spring
Weight Options
Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty

Rear Leaf Spring
Weight Options
Light Duty 0 to 100 kg Extra Heavy Duty 600 kg Plus
Medium Duty 100 to 300 kg Mining Spec 600 kg Plus
Heavy Duty 300 to 500 kg

Front Strut and Rear Shocks
CalOffroad’s Platinum Bilstein shocks are designed in Australia and manufactured in Germany, featuring proprietary valving and IFP technology for high-performance off-road use. With a low maintenance bush system to isolate noise and vibration, maintenance-free strut bushes, and vehicle-specific upper mounts for precise fitment, these shocks offer reliable performance in the toughest terrain.

The Fox Performance Series F2.0 IFP smooth body shocks utilises FOX’s race -proven damping control for a comfortable on-road ride and predictable off-road handling, even in challenging conditions.

Front Coilovers
The CalOffroad Platinum Bilstein Hilux Series is the most advanced & smoothest Bilstein coilover for the HiLux. Developed in collaboration with Bilstein and Toyota Racing Development engineers, it offers height adjustability, race-style valving, corrosion protection, and increased lift heights for the harsh Australian conditions. The FOX 2.0 Performance Series coil-overs improve off-road performance by extending drop-out travel and reducing vehicle sway. They are made with high-quality materials like aluminium bodies and feature a race-developed
main piston and an internal floating piston (IFP) that separate gas and oil for optimal performance.

Available in Light Duty, Medium to Heavy Duty & Extra Heavy Duty, and also 2” and 3” Lift configurations.

CalOffroad Leaf Spring Bush Kit & Greaseable Leaf Spring Pins
The CalOffroad Poly Bush Kit replaces the rear leaf springs’ original bushings with polyurethane bushings, and helps to improve the suspension’s stability, reduce noise, and enhance overall ride quality. Easily grease your leaf spring bushes and protect them from premature wear and damage with Greaseable Leaf Spring Pins.

CalOffroad Greaseable Shackles
These shackles provide convenient lubrication without disassembly and protects suspension bushes against premature wear from harsh terrain, dust, and dirt.

CalOffroad Platinum Series Front Coil Springs
Built from high-grade Australian steel using tapered wire technology, these coil springs undergo precise dyno testing to align with shock valving, resulting in a smoother ride, reduced rebound, and minimal shock fade. Offered in Light, Medium to Heavy, Heavy, and Extra Heavy versions, they add lift or weight support while preserving the desired height.

CalOffroad Leaf Springs
Provide a smooth and quiet ride by incorporating proprietary wear pads between each leaf, effectively reducing vibration and road noise. These leaf springs are designed specifically for the Hilux N80 and can increase ride height by about 2 inches. Available in Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty & Extra Heavy Duty configurations.

CalOffroad Square Top U Bolt
Perfect for thicker leaf spring packs during replacement. These U bolts feature tube nuts for enhanced thread contact, boosting overall strength, reliability, and bolt tension.

CalOffroad Fixed & Adjustable Upper Control Arm Kits
Improves wheel alignment, tire and coil clearance, and supports larger tires with OE ball joint compatibility. Featuring a robust construction, E-coat and powder-coated finish for corrosion protection, and long-lasting maintenance -free OE rubber bushings, these control arms offer superior strength and performance for lifted vehicles in rugged Australian conditions.

The Adjustable Upper Control Arm Kit Enables precise wheel alignment adjustments with increased caster and camber options, optimising tire fitment & minimising 4x4 tire wear. The kit features 80-degree articulation greaseable ball joints for flexibility and smooth operation, along with increased droop travel.

1” and 30mm Diff Drop Kits
Reduces CV joint angles and is compatible with 1”, 2”, and 3” lift kits. It’s critical for correcting CV angles and preventing premature wear and CV boot failure on joints if you have more than 2.5 inches of lift. It also reinforces the vulnerable drivers side diff mounts with an additional mounting point on the rear cross member.

Polyair Bellows Load Assist Kits
Prevent rear-end sag from heavy loads or towing, improving safety and handling, alleviating issues like bottoming out, rough rides, excessive sway, unpredictable braking, headlight misalignment, and clearance problems. These air-adjustable kits offer customisable support for different loads, ensuring a smoother ride when empty and easy adjustment when towing or heavy loads.

CalOffroad Sump
Guard Bash Plate This bash plate makes a significant difference in terms of clearance for the differential centre, improving performance and protection.

The 4WD Shed understand Suspension & we are happy to have another great Aussie company we can work with to provide a great suspension upgrade on your vehicle.

Fitting is available at our Bayswater Vic workshop. Just give us a call to get a quote & check availability on the right suspension kit for your 4WD.

Check the range here on our website from CalOffroad