Green Power

What is Green Power Priority?

Green Power Priority is used to describe the priority given to a solar input when charging an auxiliary battery in your vehicle. For example, if a solar power input is available the maximum available solar power will be used before topping up the output charge current from another power source. Priority is given to the solar input then to AC Mains power (where applicable), then to DC Vehicle Power, the advantage of this is that it places less load on the alternator.

Which of our products use Green Power Priority?

A number of our products use Green Power Priority including:

Battery Management Systems:

  • The Manager30 (BMS1230S2)
  • The Manager15 (BMS1215S3)

In-Vehicle Dual Battery Chargers:

12-volt dual input auxiliary battery charger

  • BCDC1225D
  • BCDC1240D
  • BCDC1250D