Solar & Accessories

Redarc Solar & Accessories

REDARC provide the ultimate in solar solutions with easy to install and use products designed to supplement the existing auxiliary or house battery charging system in your Camper-trailer, Caravan or Motorhome.

Our range features solar blankets, standalone regulators and monitors and an extensive range of cables and adaptors for easy connection.

Solar Blankets

SAF1072 72W Solar Blanket Amorphous Cells

SAF1112 112W Solar Blanket Amorphous Cells

SSF1115 115W Solar Blanket Sunpower Cells

SSF1150 150W Solar Blanket Sunpower Cells

SSF1190 190W Solar Blanket Sunpower Cells

Solar Regulators

SRP0120 Solar Regulator

SRP0240 Solar Regulator

SRPA0120 10A Solar Regulator

SRPA0240 20A Solar Regulator

SRPA0360 30A Solar Regulator

SRPA20-VP 20A Solar Regulator Value Pack

Remote Monitor

SRPA-RM Solar Regulator Remote Monitor