Superior Remote Reservoir Shock Fitting & Care

NOTE: Read and understand these Installation Instructions before beginning the installation. process. Retain these installation Instructions for future reference. It is recommended this item is installed by a Qualified Person.

WARNING: Tampering with or removing any part of the shock, including the valve cap will void the warranty of the shock.

Please ensure all bolts are tightened to correct torque setting with 263 Loctite. Recheck in 500km

The remote reservoir line rubbing on hard surfaces can cause premature failure of the line. This will void the warranty of the shock

1. Start with the vehicle's front and rear wheels chocked and the vehicle in gear or park with the hand brake applied.

2. Remove the existing shocks as per vehicle service manual. (For eye –eye shocks, retain the OE fasteners that attach the shock to the chassis and diff mount’s as these will be reused.)

Fit one washer and shock bush to the shock pin. Then fit the shock pin to the mounting position on the vehicle. Then fit the rest of the bush kit to the shock pin Make sure the bush kit is fitted correctly (As seen in figure 1 the red arrow indicates where the OE mount goes.) tighten the nut on the shock pin until the shock bushes are compressed. Do not over tighten till the bush is bulging out and deformed.

Fit the eye of the shock to the factory shock pin mount. Making sure to reuse the factory washers and bolts/nuts in the same configuration as when removed.

5. Mount the remote reservoir with the superior engineering res mount to the correct location as shown in the res mount instructions. If the res mounts have not been purchased, fit the supplied stainless steel mounting plate in a spot where the reservoir is protected from road debris and clears all suspension and moving components through the full range of movement. (As seen in Figure 3)

6. Once the remote reservoir is fitted correctly the line should be routed out of the way of any moving components, with no sharp bends in the line. NOTE: If the line needs to be fixed to a point, use an insulated P clamp.

7. Tighten all bolt/ nuts to correct torque settings making sure all have Loctite on them. If the vehicle is on a hoist make sure to lower the car on to the ground before tightening the shocks.

8. Moving the suspension through its full range of movement (fully opening and closing the shock) make sure the bump stop on the vehicle hit’s before the shock is fully compressed. If the shock fully closes before the vehicle’s bump stop hit’s the height of the vehicle’s bump stop will need to be adjusted.

Care Instructions
To ensure a long service life you must conduct regular inspections of your shock absorbers to ensure no dirt/grime/sand etc build up. After every off-road use it’s strongly recommended to pull the boot back and wash with clean water. Leaking shocks will not be warranted if the cause is found to be from foreign object contamination, incorrect installation or suspension set-up.

Fitting of Superior Suspension & components is available at The 4WD Shed in Bayswater Vic. Additional costs may apply. Shock Rebuilding & Servicing is also available contact us to book them in. (03) 9720 8783