Unbalanced Electric Braking

Unbalanced Electric Braking

How to detect unbalanced electric braking

Can be detected by:

  • Trailer pulling to one side during braking
  • One wheel hub getting hotter than the other
  • Linings on one side wearing more than the other

Can be caused by:

  • Broken wire or open circuit coil one side
  • Unbalanced trailer loading
  • Incorrect mechanical adjustment of one side
  • Mismatched linings fitted
  • Mismatched tyres
  • Broken or disconnected spring in a brake assembly
  • More friction one side due to extra corrosion in one brake drum
  • Bearing lubricant leaking on to linings one side
  • Contamination one side, E.g. a piece of broken spring or a rock embedded in lining
  • Unbalanced wiring, see diagram below

Balanced braking