Flashlube Diesel Pre Fuel Filter & Water Separator Assembly System


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Flashlube Diesel Pre Fuel Filter & Water Separator Assembly System

Common Rail Diesel Systems can be incredibly efficient, however they are also intolerant to water and dirt particles that can result in costly engine repair. To help protect your engine from this damage, fit a Flashlube Diesel Filter. To ensure such a high pressured fuel system is kept clean & lubricated, always use with Flashlube Common Rail Diesel Conditioner.

The Flashlube Diesel Filter is a modular diesel fuel filter/water separator system. It features a complete range of modules and components to meet any diesel filtration need. Attached to a header is a 30 Micron Pre-Filter/Water Separator Element, which contains the media to remove water & other contaminants.

Diesel Engines are particularly susceptible to fuel contamination, as common rail components have very fine tolerances.

If allowed to pass through the 2-10 micron OE filter found in most modern vehicles, any water particles or rust & dirt from the bottom of the fuel tank can potentially damage the injectors, pumps or other expensive mechanisms.

Damage from contaminated fuel isn't covered by most manufacturers warranties e a separate insurance clause, so the repair price can quickly become excessive.

The Flashlube Diesel Filter (FDF) is a 30 micron diesel Pre Filter designed to minimise expensive engine damage from dirty fuel, reducing contamination before it reaches engine components.


  • Easily fitted to any diesel engine
  • Draws moisture from fuel in attached drain bowl
  • Perspex drain bowl avoids any damage from frost & stones
  • Optional in dash sensor flashes red when drain bowl is nearing full
  • Replacement filter elements, seals, drain plugs & hand primer kits available
  • 5 micron post filter option also available.

Kit Contains

  • Diesel Pre Fuel Filter & Water Separator Assembly System

Please Note: This is Diesel Filter Only, if you require one mounting brackets please see the range of Mounting Bracket kits.

These assemblies have a range of spare & optional parts available if required. See the below links for individual part numbers.

What is the Flashlube Diesel Filter

The Flashlube Diesel Filter (FDF) is a diesel fuel filter/water separator system. It features a complete range of modules features to meet any diesel filtration requirement. Using chemically treated paper media to repel water, these 30 micron elements offer very efficient primary filtration. Designed to be used with a Final Filter the FDF will ensure optimum protection for the injection system. 5 micron element available for secondary filter.

Water in Fuel Sender - Optional

An electronic sensor is available which can easily be connected from the filters water trap to a remote alert light. This optional electronic module signals that water has accumulated in the filter & must be drained. Ideal for applications where a see through bowl cannot be easily checked.

Hand Primer Pump - Optional

An optional Hand Primer quickly purges air from the fuel system after an element change, maintaining flow integrity on vacuum-side filter applications. A hand primer pump should be fitted where fuel hoses have been significantly extended.

Filter Servicing

  • Check the filter for water regularly & drain as required.
  • To change the element, first loosen the large black retaining ring.
  • Pull the element straight down - do not twist, the element is not threaded.
  • Align the logo of the new element to the front of the header & make sure the 'keys' on the element are aligned with slots in the header.
  • Push the new element up to the header. Hand tighten the retaining ring until it clicks & the arrows line up in the centre of the header.
  • Purge the air from the new element.
  • A major cause of hard starting or loss of power is air in the system. Check all connections, the air vent, drain valve & any other potential leak.
  • Install an optional hand primer pump module if purging air is a problem.

Please Note : Use of liquid thread sealer is mandatory on installation of all fittings. Right angle fitting if used should be "full flow" type

Pictures form part of the description & we recommend professional fitment of all Flashlube products. Fitting is available in our Bayswater, Vic workshop. Additional costs may apply.

About Flashlube

German Scientist, Wolfgang Kluenner in 1979, developed Flashlube in Melbourne Australia. Wolfgang was a CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) Scientist and worked from Monash University. He recognised the problem of Valve Seat Recession in Gas converted vehicles and thus devoted his time to researching and inventing the solution. The answer was the Flashlube Valve Saver Kit and its specially formulated Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid. Flashlube Pty limited was formed in 1995 to take Wolfgang's technology to the world.

Recently the fuel industry began to modify its Diesel Fuel and supply only Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel. Although environmentally beneficial, this new standard caused concern for the older Diesel vehicle industry and a solution was sought after. With thorough and lengthy research behind it, Flashlube Diesel Conditioner was introduced into the market. Its ability to lubricate (with a sulphur free formulation) like original diesel fuel, was well recognised by its 2005 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association - Gold Award.

Flashlube's use is growing rapidly into the motor vehicle, farming, industrial, transport and motorbike markets across the world. Flashlube is currently now available in Australia, Europe, North America, South America, South East Asia and India. Wolfgang has been noted to be proud that his invention has not only been trusted, but also appreciated by the automotive market. As we step forward, Flashlube is committed to its development and research that grows this appreciation.


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