Parabolic Leaf Springs 60 Series Toyota Landcruiser

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Quantity Image Name Price
TLC009P Front Parabolic Leaf Springs 0-500kg TLC009P Front Parabolic Leaf Springs 0-500kg
In stock
TLC009P Rear Parabolic Leaf Springs 0-500kg TLC009P Rear Parabolic Leaf Springs 0-500kg
In stock

Terrain Tamer Rear Parabolic Leaf Springs are designed for the ultimate ride quality.

Parabolic leaf springs are a replacement for the conventional multi leaf spring with ride comfort and articulation being their major advantage. A parabolic spring pack has a minimal number of leafs with the leaf material being tapered. Utilising a new design on an old technology, the parabolic springs allow for a comfortable ride whether the vehicle is fully loaded or empty.

After more than three years of extensive research and development, combined with the latest in steel technology, Terrain Tamer have launched an innovative product with a significant advantage over standard multi-leaf springs. Parabolic springs feature a parabolic taper, which means they are thicker in the centre and become thinner toward each end. This allows each leaf to work independently for enhanced flex, without sacrificing load capacity. The result is a quieter, more comfortable ride under a wide range of conditions.

Vehicle Fitment

  • 60 Series Toyota Landcruiser

Estimated Lift

  • 50mm

Load Rating Options

  • Front 0-500KG (TLC009P)
  • Rear 0-500KG (TLC010P)


  • Lighter – Less unsprung weight
  • Less Shock – Less shock load on the differential gears
  • Quieter – The leafs do not touch each other
  • Comfort – With Better articulation
  • Better Ride Quality - Both Loaded & Unloaded

Sold as a PAIR.

This is for the Parabolic Springs only, also available as a suspension kit SK010 please contact us for pricing. Check the constant load rating to suit your needs before purchase.

Shipping Note: All Springs are Pick Up from our Bayswater Vic store. If you require shipping you will need to contact us for a personalised freight quote due to the size & weight of these springs.




Brand Terrain Tamer
Shipping Weight 70.0000kg

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