The 4WD Shed Newsletter - May 2020
May 2020
Camping is on Hold for Now....

April is usually a time for the last of the holidays before winter hits & this year was to be the same with not only school holidays happening but also the Easter & Anzac Public Holiday weekends.

The declared State of Emergency & Isolation rules put a stop to camping, touring & going away in April, but that didnt stop our community from getting together on social media & sharing their latest projects & hacks they got up to over the holidays. From mechanical repairs, wiring, installing switches & lights we have seen a marked increase in online sales since the lockdowns.

Online sales have increased everywhere & Auspost is seeing a huge amount of parcels going through their facilities similar to that of last year during the Black Friday & lead up to Christmas.

At The 4WD Shed we are processing & packing orders daily for our customers to be sent all over the country. We do advise that transit times may be slightly delayed but rest assured your items are on their way. If you are overseas some shipping is delayed by 1-2weeks or borders may be closed. Please get in contact & we can advise you of Auspost updates regarding international shipping.

We provide tracking on all our items, however Auspost are advising that for them to avoid the backlogs they are not updating tracking. You may only see the initial scan when items leave us & then the delivered scan. Be assured we do have your item on its way!


Roadsafe 4WD May Promo!
Roadsafe are one of preferred brands here at The 4WD Shed & during these uncertain times we are able to work closely with them to come up with some great promo deals. During the month of May we will be offering a FREE SOFT SHACKLE with every Recovery Tow Point Kit sold in-store!
Recovery Tow Points are a great addition to any vehicle when out on the tracks & you need to be safely recovered. We offer these as either the points on their own or in a complete kit including a strap & 2 bow shackles.
They are designed, rated & tested to Australian vehicles & conditions. Though designed to fit a range of aftermarket bull bars there are some exceptions. You can find vehicle specific notes in our listings.
Check out the range before you come in store.
Roadsafe 4WD Recovery Tow Points
Workshop Fun!
The workshop has been busy with a range of jobs this month from engine conversions to suspension along with our popular Superior Outback Kits.
With the public holidays & iso rules we also took the time to rebuild the barwork on our winchtruck. It had the existing barwork from the old GQ kept to try & make it to the last event but now with racing on hold we can strip that all off & get started.
We have designed a new front bar which is a beefed up looking bar, capable of carrying the 55kg winch as well as providing protection on stage. The rear tray was removed with a new one being designed & mocked up as we lifted the long range fuel tank up 50mm & will be designing it to be as practical as possible for Outback Challenge.
If you want to stay tuned for the updates on that build, give us a like on Facebook or Instagram for current photos as we continue this exciting part of the build.
Featured Product.....
We love to highlight great products that are handy to use & easy to install. The most popular products this month have been our range of vehicle specific light switches & the ever handy Amber/White rigid light strips.
Our switches come in a range of symbols such as Driving Lights, LED Bar, Work Lights etc & suit a range of popular vehicles such as the NP300, Prado, Dmax, Colorado & Landcruisers.
The Amber/White lights come in 3 sizes & easily mount either by screwing on or installing with the provided 3M tape on the back. These throw a great amount of light, the light pictured is our smallest one & are perfect for your next camping trip.
<span style="font-size: 18px;">LED Light Bar Symbol Switch 12V</span><br>
LED Light Bar Symbol Switch 12V


LED Light Bar Symbol Switch

Holden Colorado & DMAX 2012 - On

These switches are the perfect fit to your vehicle. Specifically made to fit in your factory panels there is no more need to hack at your dash fascia to fit switches anymore. With a range of different switches available we have you covered.

Buy Now $21.45
<span style="font-size: 15px;">Rigid Waterproof LED Strip Light White/Amber</span><br>
Rigid Waterproof LED Strip Light White/Amber

Rigid Waterproof LED Strip Light White/Amber

LED Strip lights are a great innovation & can be applied to numerous applications on your 4WD, caravan, trailer, camper & much more. These great strip lights also have the Amber light included to avoid those pesky bugs being attracted to your lights when out at night. Supplied with 3m tape already applied its as simple as take the backing tape off & install after prepping the area. The handy lugs at each end mean you can also install the light by screwing into the surface for extra security.

Buy Now $49.00
Flashback to Ironman 4x4 Adventure Challenge 2017
With plenty of time to rewatch old footage from previous events we stumbled over some of the drone footage provided by Ruff Road Media from the run over the rocks in Western Australia. This was an epic event with spectacular views & we hope it returns in the future. Check out the footage from 2017 & more videos are availabe on our Youtube channel. If you want to download the full feature event online check the button below to find event footage from Ironman, OBC & Tuff Truck available.
Ironman 4x4 Adventure Challenge 2017
Ruff Road Media
Will I be fined for travelling to buy my parts from you?
Automotive Retail is not prohibited under Chief Health Officers Direction (No.3)
There is a lot of speculation & rumours regarding Essential Travel fines & the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) have attempted to clear this up with both the Chief Health Officer (CHO) & Victoria Police (VicPol)
We acknowledge that VicPol are in a difficult position especially when enforcing the CHO directives. VACC have asked for clarification for our customers & staff regarding the travel to & from our stores with correspondence to the relevant parties mentioned below. Please see the key notes & the full bulletin link can be found below.
Advice from the Office of the Minister for Police, The Hon Lisa Neville
"VACC is correct in that the automotive trade is not being prohibited from work or opening, so staff can work, and customers engage as appropriate and consistent with the CHO requirements around density quotients and physical distancing"
Accordingly, the Office of the Minister for Police has provided VACC's correspondence to the Chief Commissioner's office to ensure it informs the ongoing messaging to police members during this time.In addition, police officers are not meant to be stopping people from travelling for work or restricting trade of businesses that can and should remain open as long as they are maintaining density quotients and physical distancing.
Directions issued by the Chief Health OfficerThe Stay at Home directions (No 3) came into force at midnight on 7 April 2020 and replace the Stay at Home directions (No 2).
These directions outline the limitations on leaving home for all Victorians and provide clarification of previous directions.
I draw your attention to:Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic), Section 20, Clause 6 (1)(Viii) 'Leaving premises to obtain necessary goods and services' where it states that a person can leave a premises to obtain goods and services provided by:(viii) a retail facility that is not prohibited from operating by the Restricted Activity Directions.
As a retail business not currently restricted by current rulings, we are open for business. Please stick to the rules for social distancing & travel both on your way to our shop or whilst instore.
Please Note: This is not intended as legal advise. Check the link below to the full bulletin from the VACC. Bulletin was current in Victoria at time of being published, this may change as current conditions evolve.
VACC BULLETIN - Automotive Retail is not prohibited
Our Workshop is Open...
<span style="font-size: 17px;">Our Workshop is Open....</span><br>
  • R.W.C Testing
  • General & Specialist Servicing
  • Log book Servicing
  • Engine Conversions
  • Brakes & Clutch Repairs
  • GVM Upgrades
  • Coil Conversions
  • Air Conditioning Repairs & Services
  • Accessory Fitting
  • Winch Installations, Repairs and Upgrades
  • Diesel & Petrol Servicing
  • Suspension & Lift Kit Upgrades
  • Bullbar & Rear Bar Installation
  • Part Time Kit Installation
  • Wheels & Tyre Packages
  • Wheel Alignment & Balancing
Refridgeration Trading Lic No AU44913
RWC Licensed Tester 10673LV
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