Bosch Brake Pads Landcruiser 78 79 100 105 Series Front


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Introducing Boschs new Blue Line - Your first choice in brake pads

The Bosch Blue Line brake pad range incorporates a variety of design features and numerous friction formulations which allow our customers to receive the best possible braking performance. While vehicle requirements may change, there’s one thing that will never diminish, and that’s Bosch’s commitment to quality and product development.

Friction Material
  • Heavy Duty Ceramic
Perfect for
  • SUV, Pickup & 4WD vehicles
  • High braking performance
  • Designed for heavy loads
  • Superior durability
  • Contains aramid fibres for enhanced thermal stability
  • Smooth, quiet and clean stopping power
  • Less wear for pads and rotors

To suit

  • LEXUS LX 470, UZJ100R, UZJ100. 5/1998 - 3/2008
  • LANDCRUISER FZJ105. 4.5L 1FZFE. 1/1998 - 9/2002
  • LANDCRUISER FZJ78, FZJ79. 4.5L 1FZFE. INCL TROOP CARRIER 10/1999 - 2/2007
  • LANDCRUISER HDJ100, UZJ100, 4.2TD. 1HDFTE. 1998 - 10/2007
  • LANDCRUISER HDJ78, HDJ79. 4.2TD 1HDFTE. 11/2001 - 6/2007
  • LANDCRUISER HZJ105, FZJ105. 4.2L DIESEL. 1HZ. 5/1998 - 10/2007
  • LANDCRUISER HZJ79, VDJ78, FZJ79. 4.2D 1HZ, 4.5TD. 1984 -

There are many causes of vibration and noise during braking. These are not always the result of worn brake pads. Therefore, you should check brake pads regularly to better identify the actual causes of braking problems.

Brakes are permanently under stress. Vehicle brakes are subjected to extreme loads. For example, braking horsepower is about 10 times engine horsepower, which is why brake pads reach such high temperatures. During long mountain descents or when driving in stop-and-go highway traffic, temperatures can easily reach as high as 650°C. To ensure safety, brake pads therefore need to be regularly inspected and replaced.

Bosch Blue Line brake pads are the perfect match for your vehicle.

OE design approach. The brake system on every new vehicle has been tuned specifically to the dynamics of that vehicle. While some components may be the same across similar models it is quite common to “tune” the brake performance via modifications to the brake pads.Therefore, the brake pad on virtually every new vehicle is unique.

Quality without compromise. Bosch brake pads have been developed to withstand extreme loads and are manufactured from especially high quality materials. Extensive performance and NVH dynamometer testing along with extreme environment testing ensures that Bosch brake pads demonstrate a high level of performance and service life before being approved for sale.

Bosch brake tip. Always bed-in new brakes this will ensure that the brake system is working at its most effective.

Bosch’s vehicle matched engineering approach. In order to get as close as possible to the OE performance level, Bosch analyses the OE brake pad and then engineers a suitable replacement.

Stages of matching a Bosch brake pad:
1. Assess the OE friction material formulation based on vehicle families and carefully match it to the many available Bosch formulations.
2. Assess the OE pad design and replicate the pad shape. If required, add any chamfers, slots or noise shims.
3. Assess any OE wear indicator systems and replicate.
4. Identify any additional hardware (shims, bolts, etc.) that should be supplied to ensure the best possible performance.
5. Test the final product according to relevant international specifications to ensure the closest possible match to the OE performance.
6. Make any final modifications to the design in order to fine tune aspects such as noise.

Bosch Blue Line brake pads are vehicle match engineered to determine the best match of advanced friction formulations and pad design elements to deliver quiet, clean and reliable stopping performance.

Independent aftermarket part (IAM) 0986AB2379
Designation Disc brake pad set; front
Production discontinuation -
Type formula DB1365
Trade abbreviation (HKB) DB1365BL
WVA number 23524
FMSI code 7639-D772
Warning contact with acoustic wear warning
Material Ceramic
Height 63,0 mm
Thickness 17,50 mm
Width 119,4 mm


Brand Bosch
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

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