Explaining the R-Bus system

REDARC’s R-Bus ‘Spine’ Explained

R-Bus and CANBus systems include devices designed to work in a daisy-chain network. A terminating resistor must be present at each end to terminate the network. All current REDARC R-Bus compatible devices (except the Manager Battery Sensor) now feature 2x RJ45 sockets allowing simple integration into the R-Bus network as outlined in Diagram 1 below. The device becomes a part of the R-Bus spine, where previously the network design had some devices as an offshoot of the spine, which limited the allowable install distance of the device from the spine to 2m.

The REDARC Manager30 Sensor has this resistor built in, thus removing the need to add an extra terminating resistor to one end of the system. The other end of the network should be terminated by inserting the supplied Terminating Resistor into the last device in the network (for example, into the RedVision Display in Diagram 2 below).


REDARC's RBus System Explained