Extended Braided Brake Line Nissan Patrol GQ Front

3-4" & 5-6"

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Braided Extended Brake Line Nissan Patrol GQ Front 3-4" Braided Extended Brake Line Nissan Patrol GQ Front 3-4"
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Braided Extended Brake Line Nissan Patrol GQ Front 5-6" Braided Extended Brake Line Nissan Patrol GQ Front 5-6"
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Extended Brake Line Nissan GQ Patrol - Front

Roadsafe 4WD Extended Brake Lines.

Made in Australia to meet or exceed ADR42/04 the Roadsafe range of Extended Brake Lines are available in either standard or braided format.

Extended brake lines are required if you have a suspension lift over 3" When you lift 3"or higher you will find that your original brake lines are fully stretched on full droop, this results in line fatigue & eventual breakage resulting in brake failure.

Roadsafe extended lines are available for both 3-4" & 5-6" lifted vehicles. The reason for the two sizes is so there is not too much slack in the lines on the smaller lifts which can catch & tear.

To Suit

  • Nissan GQ Patrol - Front


  • Front

Suspension Lift

  • 3-4" (BL101B)
  • 5-6" (BL102B)

Available in

  • Rubber
  • Braided

Why change the brake lines?

Everytime you apply pressure to the brake pedal your brake line rubber expands abit due to the high hydraulic pressure (volumetric expansion) used during braking. This eventualy causes the brake lines to 'soften' increasing with age resulting in a soft spongey feel in the brake pedal.

When you have that feeling then it is possible that new brake lines are required. If a lift has been fitted to the vehicle with already softened brake lines this can further result in brake line failure.

Why braided brake lines?

By putting a stainless steel braid around the rubber brake line the potential for expansion due to the high pressures & high temperature is reduced. This gives the brake lines a consistent line pressure resulting in a more efficient braking system & firmer feeling in the brake pedal. More efficient braking further results in reduced braking distances during a hard stop.

*Sold per line.

The 4WD Shed is an Authorized Roadsafe 4wd Stockist


Brand RoadSafe 4WD
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg

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