How the replace a BMS1230S2 sensor with an S3 sensor

Replacing the sensor in a BMS1230S2 installation with a BMS1230S3 sensor

The new generation Sensor design for the Manager range includes:

1. a terminating resistor

2. an RJ45 plug (the S2 sensor had an RJ11 plug)

3. a longer R-Bus connection cable

What this means is that rather than branching off the R-Bus network, the S3 sensor now forms part of the spine. More explanation on this can be found in the explaining the R-Bus system tech tip.

When replacing a sensor in an existing S2 setup, the new S3 sensor can be used.

After removing the old sensor you simply need to remove the RJ11 clip from the T-Piece and connect the R-Bus cable of the new sensor. You may need to spool the excess length of this cable.

1. Remove the existing S2 sensor

2. Remove the RJ11 clip from the T-Piece

3. Mount the new S3 sensor

4. Plug the new Sensor R-Bus cable RJ45 into the T-Piece

5. Spool the excess cable


Replacing BMS1230S2 sensor