Part Time Kit Information

Part Time Kit Information for 80/100 Series Toyota Landcruiser

We sell & supply alot of these kits each week and we always see the same questions being asked so we thought we'd address some of them from our own personal experience.


  • A part time kit will only help with backlash in the drivetrain if the drivetrain has excessive backlash (i.e. cars with 250k+)
  • Results when fitting a kit will vary, if your CVs are noisy, if you have slop in drive flanges, excess backlash in the front diff, wear in the front slip joint, all these things contribute to drivetrain backlash (the jerking feeling when you are on and off the throttle, really noticeable in traffic) and normally all these items individually are still within spec, combined they make for a really rattling, thumping car to drive.
  • Fuel economy gain is marginal but there is a definite gain.
  • Steering is improved as the car does not torque steer, you’re not fighting against the drivetrain.
  • Front Diff & CV wear is greatly reduced, they are only being used when you are in 4WD.
  • Engaging the hubs when you go 4wding is done when you hit the dirt and air down your tyres.
  • The only negative to not having all wheel drive that we have found is when towing in wet slippery conditions (on sealed roads), getting traction on the rear wheels only can sometimes be an issue, and I have had occasion to have the hubs locked in so I can use the center diff lock (CDL) should it be required.


We sell a range of kits from supply to DIY for the 80/100 Series you can find them here:

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Find the Installation instructions here. Available as a PDF

Fitting Instructions for the Part Time Kit

Fitting Instructions for ABS Relocation Kit


Have you already purchased a DIY Part time Kit and need some extra help with your install?

We have also done a ‘How to’ video on installation

How to install the Part Time Kit in your 80/100 Series