Redarc G52-TA Single Temperature 52mm Gauge with Optional Current Display

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Redarc G52-TA Single Temperature 52mm Gauge with Optional Current Display

The REDARC 52mm G52-TA gauge monitors engine oil and is equipped with an optional 100 amp rated current display to monitor the amount of current to or from a battery.

The REDARC 52mm single temperature gauge is ideal for monitoring your engines oil or water (coolant) temperature.

The G52-TA gauge is supplied with one REDARC 1/4 NPT thread temperature sender that measure from -30 to +160°C.

Oil subjected to excessive temperatures can lose its lubrication properties that keep metal parts from touching. If the oil temperature rises above a desired limit, you can reduce the load placed on the engine or transmission to reduce the temperature and prevent engine failure. Similarly, monitoring the water (coolant) temperature of your engine ensures that it does not over heat, resulting in major engine damage.

The G52-TA gauge is also equipped with an optional 100A rated current display that monitors the amount of current to or from a battery. This device can be fitted around the earth connection of either the main or auxiliary battery. You will need to purchase the REDARC Hall effect current sensor (GS-AMPS) to equip the gauge with this function.

The G52-TA gauge diameter requires a 52mm hole for mounting. REDARC offer a range of mounting solutions including a 2” black plastic mounting cup (GH-CUP) and one (GH-MP1), two (GH-MP2) and three (GH-MP3) hole gauge mounting panels. Radio inserts are also available for the Toyota Hilux (GH-HILUXR05).

The REDARC 24 to 12 volt adaptor (GA-2412V) can be used to connect this gauge to a vehicle with a 24 volt ignition and lighting supply, however only a 12 volt battery can be monitored.


  • Satin Chrome Bezel
  • 13 Selectable Backlight Colours
  • Multiple programmable alert levels with amber or red backlight and audible beep
  • Display illuminates when park lights are turned on so you can check battery voltages and discharge or charge current without turning on the ignition.
  • If fitting more than one REDARC gauge, a communications link can be connected between the gauges to change the backlight colour of all at once.

REDARC recommends the purchase of an Enhanced Lighting Controller (GA-ELC) with this gauge. The GA-ELC is designed to enhance the lighting of your REDARC gauges as only one required for a set. It is to be used when you do not have a dimming circuit to connect your gauge to or the dimming circuit in your vehicle does not dim the REDARC gauge to your liking.

The GA-ELC also allows you to program night time brightness and colour of your REDARC gauges, including dimming if connected to a dash dimmer. Once programmed your gauges will change colour when turning on your park lights and back to a day light colour when you turn them off. The GA-ELC is also 24 volt capable.

Take it as red!

The 4WD Shed is an Authorised Online Reseller for Redarc.

We also fit Redarc products in our mechanical workshop in Bayswater, Vic. Additional Costs May Apply


2 Years

Sensor(s) (Included)


Sensor (Optional)


Standby Current Draw


Input (Operating) Voltage

6 - 16V

Height (mm)


Weight (kg)


What REDARC gauge do you need?


Volts Amps Gauges

G52-VA  Single Voltage (GS-AMPS Optional Current Display)

G52- VVA  Dual Voltage (GS-AMPS Optional Current Display)

Ideal for a battery system mounted in 4WDs, campers, caravans, motorhomes and similar vehicles, the LCD/LED display allows you to monitor the charging performance of either your main and/ or auxiliary battery. Voltage gauges can also be equipped with an optional 100 amp rated current display (sold separately) that monitors the amount of current to or from your main or auxiliary battery

Temperature Gauges

G52-TA  Single Temp (GS-AMPS Optional Current Display sold separately)

G52-TTT  Dual Temp (Optional Temp Display *See below)

Exhaust & Boost Gauges 

G52-EB  EGT & Boost Pressure

G52-BET  EGT & Boost Pressure (Optional Temp Display *See below)

G52-EU   EGT & Boost/ Vacuum

G52-BEA  EGT & Boost Pressure (GS-AMPS  Optional Current Display) 

G52-BEP  EGT & Boost Pressure (GS-P-150 Optional Oil Pressure Display)

Water/Oil Pressure & Temp Gauges

G52-PT Single Oil Pressure (Optional Temp Display *See below)

G52-PWT Oil Pressure & Water Temp 

(Optional Temp Display *See below)

G52-POT Oil Pressure & Oil Temp (Optional Temp Display *See below)

*Optional Temp Display Sender units

GS-UT-80  -   temp sensor for measuring cabin, fridge or outside temperature. Its temperature range is -20~+80°C

GS-UT-120 -  temp sensor in a metal copper housing with 6mm diameter mounting hole temp range is -20~+120°C  cabin, fridge, outside temp, engine trans surface temps

GS-OWT1-4  - Water or Oil temperature sender with a 1/4 NTP thread that is designed to measure from -20~ +170°C.

GS-OWT1-8 - Water or Oil temperature sender with a 1/8 NTP thread that is designed to measure from -20~ +170°C. 



Barcode # 9338628003631
Brand Redarc
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