Roadsafe Ball Joint BJ3841HD Product Recall


Roadsafe would like to communicate to all of our customers we have voluntarily submitted a product recall to the ACCC for BJ3841HD for all batch codes between G17-H19 inclusive which has been accepted. These may be fitted to a range of UCA's, the fabricated UCA is in no way affected be it first version or the V2.
Download and Read the Product Safety Notice
We are 100% confident in the product being supplied to market since batch code I19 which have been tested both locally and with regular batch tests of product at the factory to ensure a high level of QC. The number of failures we have seen is significantly low in consideration of the amount of product in the field – however whatever this number, it is secondary to the safety of our customers given the potential. The failures we have been seeing are extremely similar to the end result of poor greasing and/or maintenance which made it difficult to determine if there was in fact a product fault or a result of poor maintenance. Our investigations did find a process that was lacking however it was very sporadic and therefore difficult to diagnose given the amount of joints in the field.
It is imperative we communicate the need of greasing to all customers, the products all contain notes etc and the UCA's will also be supplied with more notations in the packaging to "GREASE AT INSTALL". If it has a grease nipple it must have grease installed at the installation.
We have fresh stock of BJ3841HD & more in transit shortly to replace units in the field. We will be covering the cost of labour to remove & replace the affected ball joints only. We anticipate this to be 30-45 minutes per side.
Please refer to for more detail on the products impacted, the Product Safety recall notice, and FAQs on the recall can be found on the Claim Form below. The notice will also be live on soon.
Roadsafe have established an online claim procedure. Customers can organise their no charge replacement ball joints and reimbursement for installation costs via the Reimbursement Claim Form.
Reimbursement Claim Form
If you have any further concerns, please contact Roadsafe at or on 03 8687 1700 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.