Superior Engineering Suspension Lift Kits

At Superior Engineering, our extensive range of 4wd suspension lift kits have been designed and engineered to handle the most demanding offroad conditions while still providing exceptional on-road handling. We pride ourselves on delivering the best 4x4 lift kits for Australian drivers who require not only that little bit of extra lift but a suspension setup guaranteed to help you navigate demanding driving conditions, tackle lengthy outback trips with mountains of camping gear or just safely carry heavy loads over tough terrain.

Our high-quality suspension lift kits are built to endure rough rides, ensuring your safety and the longevity of your vehicle. Superior Engineering suspension products are the benchmark in reliable, performance-orientated 4x4 suspension. Performance in any terrain and off-road capability are key features in every product we sell. You can depend on a Superior Engineering suspension lift kit to provide you with increased off-road stability, precise ride control and exceptional suspension comfort on road.

Whatever your specific requirements, we’ll provide you with the right lift kit for your setup.

Why opt for a suspension lift kit

Well-designed suspension lift kits can offer a number of valuable benefits to off-road drivers. A lift kit offers better visibility for drivers, which is handy for off-road travel. But the increased ride height also helps to give your 4x4 that wonderful aggressive stance and the ability to fit those good looking bigger tires and rims! One major benefit of 4wd suspension lift kits is the ground clearance it creates. With the undercarriage of your vehicle further away from the ground surface there is significantly less chance of critical engine and suspension components being damaged by offroad obstacles leaving you stranded.

Another huge benefit of lifted ride height is the increase in working range for the suspension which allows the wheels, diffs and shocks to travel through a better range of motion. The added suspension travel gives the suspension a chance to move and dampen the movement of the vehicle, enhancing the ride quality and boosting offroad performance. The increase in room for suspension allows for larger and more robust suspension components to be fitted, providing a reliable base for your vehicle. On the road, these suspension parts help to deliver a smoother, safer, and more confident ride quality. If you’re regularly traversing harsh terrain, or venturing outback a suspension lift kit can be a life saver.

A vastly improved suspension also provides other benefits for drivers. Heavier loads are easier to transport thanks to improved weight distribution, and a lift kit even allows for quicker access to a vehicle's underbody for repairs and inspections. A suspension lift kit ultimately allows for safer journeys, smoother ride, and better longevity for vehicles. A suspension lift kit will help as heavier loads are easier to transport due to improved weight distribution and increased load handling capacity. So if you’re carrying heavy goods, Towing a large Van or just have a heap of accessories, then a 4x4 Suspension lift would be ideal for your vehicle. 

A high quality comprehensive Suspension lift kit will take slightly longer to install when compared to vehicle body lifts, but the benefits are well worth it!

How to choose the best 4x4 suspension lift kits

If you’re wondering how to select the best 4x4 suspension lift kits for your driving needs, look no further. Below are some of the key features to look out for when you’re shopping around.

2-inch suspension lift kits

A 2-inch suspension lift kit will give you just enough ‘lift’ to notice a difference when driving. This is a great option for recreational off-road adventure or daily drives. Good performance, with added clearance for slightly bigger tires while keeping within the rules for insurance and transport regulations.

3-inch suspension lift kits

3-inch suspension lift kits are a solid choice for anyone regularly carrying a decent amount of weight in their vehicle. Great for more adventurous offroad travels and remote touring, with the ability to fit more aggressive tires. Tough visual stance, requires appropriate vehicle engineering for insurance and transport regulation compliance.

Heavy-duty suspension lift kits – 4-6 inches

A 4-6 inch suspension lift kit will provide you with noticeable lift, with room for long travel suspension and large tire and rim combinations. This is best suited for regular heavy loads and seriously off-road terrain through to 4x4 competition conditions. Requires significant vehicle engineering for insurance and transport regulation compliance purposes. The most important thing to remember is why you’re shopping for 4wd suspension lift kits. To help us with sorting out the perfect setup for your 4x4, think about how you’ll be using your vehicle. Will you be just doing the occasional off-road drive, are you planning on travelling to the remote outback or entering extreme off-road events? What amount and type of loads will you be carrying? a constant heavy load, loaded just on the weekend or barely carrying much more than a little bit of camping gear or a few mates?

Please Note: Check your state regulations before purchasing above a 2" suspension lift kit. Regulations vary between states & may not be approved for on-road use. In Victoria please contact us to discuss anything above 2" being engineered & Outback SSM kits may only be fitted pre-registration.

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