Superior Engineering Electric ECDS Adjustable Shock Absorbers

Superior Engineering's Electric Shock Absorbers

Electronic shock absorbers are hydraulic devices that help to manage the dampening and control of your vehicle’s suspension. The main purpose of electronic shocks is to reduce bumps and vibrations for a smoother ride. However, electronic struts also play an important role in keeping your tyres in contact with road surfaces, which is vital for effective handling and safe braking. Electronic adjustable shocks work by transforming kinetic energy (i.e. the movement of your vehicle) into thermal energy that can be dissipated.

But don’t worry — you don’t need to understand any in-depth scientific theories to benefit from electronic shock absorbers. All you need to know is that electronic shocks function like oil pumps, slowing down and dampening the spring and suspension movement for better stability and a safer ride. Although different types of vehicles often require specific types of electronic shocks or dampeners, the most common are - conventional telescopic shock absorbers and strut-type shock absorbers. While all of these electronic shock absorbers deliver the same basic function, the right type for your vehicle will depend on the model, size, and average load capacity or GVM of the car.

How does an electronically controlled adjustable suspension work?

 Superior Engineering electronically controlled shock absorbers are a cutting-edge development or their proven remote reservoir range of shock absorbers. These dampers feature all the design elements that everyone has come to love in a high-performance race inspired shock. CNC parts from high-end materials such as aero grade 6061-T6 alloy body components and micro-polished S45C main shaft all add up to provide the highest quality shock absorbers. Building on a wealth of knowledge in ride quality development based specifically for Australian based 4wd’s, Superior Engineering has incorporated an electronic remote-control unit to allow for precise tuning of the Compression Dampening of each shock absorber.

A microprocessor-controlled unit with positional feedback adjusts the dampening control valves to change the ride performance to suit each setup precisely and to the exact taste of the driver. A small backlit LCD controller displays the dampener setting of each shock absorber in real-time and the 2 adjuster knobs allow fine tuning in all conditions. There are also a series of user adjustable MODES that can be selected to allow adjustment shocks setting Individually, Pairs or All together. The RANGE mode gives the driver the ability to change the number of steps of adjustment from FINE tuning (100 step), MID range (64 step) to Quick adjust (8 step).

The development of the electronic Compression adjuster adjusts both the low-speed and high-speed compression throughout the entire range. Then to compliment the ride and handling characteristics of your vehicle the Superior Engineering ECDS dampers combine a wide range Rebound dampening adjuster. The High tensile main shaft features an internal adjustment rod to provide the user with the ultimate in ride quality adjustment. With the modern shock absorber ride controller, easy adjustments of the suspension dampening in your vehicle can be done to improve driving stability and towing performance even while driving.

The high pressure Nitrogen in the remote reservoir prevents aeration, cavitation and shock fade when working these dampers hard in demanding offroad conditions. The large 2.5” bodies carry a large volume of high quality shock oil extending working life and ensuring quick heat dissipation. Electronically controlled shock absorbers are ideal for those owners that regularly tow caravans or campers, or load up to get away on the weekends. Superior Engineering ECDS shocks are the perfect solution to improve performance and stability when getting away on that next big adventure.

A well-maintained remote reservoir shock absorber can last for 100’s of thousands of km’s, due to the ability to refresh the main bearing and sliding components and replace the oil to keep the shock in perfect working condition. Although not recommended as a field serviceable unit, a competent mechanically minded person with the appropriate tools can service these dampers should the need arise.


Superior electric (ECDS) adjustable shock absorbers

Our Superior Engineering Electronic Controlled Damping System can help you instantly improve the performance of your vehicle.

This system enables you to manage your electronic shocks with a user adjustable range (up to 100 different levels) of compression dampening adjustment, without even leaving the driver’s seat. That means you can quickly find the perfect configuration for your car, regardless of the road surface or driving conditions. Our latest range of electronic adjustable shocks also comes equipped with an in-cab controller that offers even more precision and manual control. Compression dampening settings are programmable on through the modern LCD display control pad which adjust the main microprocessor ecu to individually adjust each shock absorber to the perfect dampening for your vehicle. Not only can you select from a range of compression adjustment levels, but you can also utilise the controller to choose from 4 range levels of fine-tuning to create optimal ride quality. Shock dampening can be adjusted individually or as pairs through the remote cabin mounted controller. All Superior Engineering electronic shock absorbers are also easily rebuilt, adjusted, upgraded or repaired by our trained suspensions professionals. This latest technology in shock absorbers is designed and built to last and will endure the bumps of offroad driving while making daily driving a pleasure.

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