Tow-Pro Elite Fault Code:1 Yellow/ 2 Purple

Tow-Pro Elite Fault Code:1 Yellow / 2 Purple

The yellow and purple flashing lights on Tow-Pro Elite explained

The Tow-Pro Elite has diagnostics to warn of faults in the vehicle or trailer wiring. These are shown by colour coded flashes of the LED on the Tow Pro Elite’s remote head.

Yellow with 2 purple flashes can indicate either:

1.  Intermittent trailer connection caused by:

  • Dirty or corroded plug/socket. (Usually fixed with a spray of WD40, RP7 Etc.)
  • Crushed pins not putting enough spring pressure on the socket (fix using a fine flat blade screwdriver to spread the male pins for better spring pressure on the socket, but be careful with this as some trailer plugs have a hardened or a cast metal and the pins can break off if too much tension is put on them).
  • Loose or broken wiring in the back of the trailer socket or plug.

2.  A heavy short circuit on the blue output wire, caused by:

  • Test lamp or dummy load lamp of more than 21W.
  • Loose or broken wiring in the trailer socket or plug shorting to nearby wires.
  • Loose cable rubbing up against the body of the vehicle or trailer.
  • Worn electromagnets in the brake drums where the conductor touches the drum.
  • Chaffed through wire where the swing arm in the drum shorts out while braking.

You can narrow down the location of the fault by disconnecting the trailer and put in some other load, for example, another trailer with electric brakes or a test light with a 21W globe.

If the LED on the Tow Pro Elite remote goes back to normal operation at this point there is likely to be an issue somewhere on the trailer you were using.

If the issue remains, it is likely that there is something on the vehicle that needs to be attended to, and it is recommended to contact a suitably qualified auto electrician for further assistance.