Tree Trunk Protector Strap - 3M x 75mm 12000kgs


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Tree Trunk Protector Strap - 3M x 75mm 12000kgs

Tree Trunk Protector Straps are used when your winch point is a tree. These straps protect both the tree from damage & ring barking that would occur if you were to wrap your winch rope directly around the tree. As well as damaging the tree you could potentially damge your winch rope by hooking it back on itself.

These non-elastic straps give you a solid point to winch off when around a solid object as a tree.

A must have in any 4x4!

The 4WD Shed is an Authorized Stockist of Roadsafe 4WD

We offer a range of Recovery Straps so you can get the correct strap to suit your needs.

Unsure which strap you need? Follow the links in our guide below to choose the correct strap.

What Recovery Strap do I need?

Winch Extension Strap - 20M x 50mm 4500kgs Extension Strap used for extending the reach of your rope when needed.

Snatch Strap - 9M x 75mm 8000kgs Snatch Strap used for performing recoveries on vehicles Must be used in conjunction with rated recovery points.

Snatch Strap - 9M x 100mm 11000kgs Snatch Strap used for performing recoveries on vehicles Must be used in conjunction with rated recovery points.

Tree Trunk Protector - 3M x 75mm 12000kgs Tree Trunk Protector used for protecting trees from ring barking & damage when using them as a winch point.

Tree Trunk Protector - 3M x 100mm 12000kgs Tree Trunk Protector used for protecting trees from ring barking & damage when using them as a winch point.

Equaliser / Bridle Strap - 2.5M x 100mm 6000kgs Equaliser Strap used for  evenly distributing the load between the 2 rated tow points on your vehicle in recovery.

Winch Dampener - Winch Dampener used when recovering by attaching it to your winch rope or cable. Helps dampen the effect of the line in the event of a breakage.

Snatch Block - 8000kg useful for angled winching & reducing the load on your winch when recovering.

Roadsafe 4WD recovery straps come in a rage of high visibility safety colours. Different strap types are instantly recognisable and come with warning tags that include information such as strap type, rated capacity, material type and precautions.

Note – due to the nature of synthetic fibres, recovery straps do require ‘rest periods’ between use to cool down and return to their original length and capacity. Be aware that excessive pulls on a recovery strap over a short period of time can cause heat build up and lead to possible failure.

Recovery Points

It is imperative to ensure that only correctly mounted and rated recovery points are used for vehicle recoveries. Tie down points are not suitable for vehicle recovery. Check your vehicle manufacturer’s handbook for recovery point locations or use correctly rated and fitted aftermarket recovery points.

Do not use a tow ball or tie down point as a recovery point. Tow balls are not strong enough & not designed for this application. They are not manufactured from high tensile material and have been known to fail from stress, resulting in the potential to become lethal missiles. This has lead to serious injury and death.

General Information

A Recovery Strap is a heavy duty nylon or polyester strap, used in vehicle recovery situations, that can stretch under load & spring back to its original length after load is applied. The combination of the recovery vehicle pull, and the tension in the strap creates a ‘snatching’ effect that can pull a vehicle free from being bogged. When used in accordance with the following guidelines, vehicles may be recovered with minimal damage to vehicles and equipment, and most importantly minimal risk of injury to people.

Key Information & Safety Recommendations

      • Check the strap and its packaging for a stated Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS).
      • It is recommended that the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) of the strap be between two and three times the vehicle’s gross mass (GVM), and that the strap be suited to the GVM of the lighter of the two vehicles used in the recovery process.
      • The strap must not be used for lifting or conventional towing.
      • Persons indenting to use the strap must ensure that the strap is not damaged and is in a usable condition.
      • The strap’s strength and stretch are reduced when the strap is saturated (by up to 20%).
      • An object such as a recovery damper, heavy bag or blanket must be draped over the strap during use to reduce any unintentional rebound of the strap.
      • While the strap is being used, people outside the motor vehicles who are involved in the recovery process must:
        1. Stay a safe distance from the motor vehicles, recommended as at least 1.5 times the length of the unstretched strap away from the vehicles
        2. Never place themselves in the path of the vehicle performing the recovery.

WARNING — Always follow product instructions. It is important to correctly attach the motor vehicle recovery strap to a motor vehicle. A standard tow ball or vehicle tie-down point is not designed for this purpose and may result in the strap or a vehicle component detaching from a motor vehicle and striking and seriously injuring or killing a person. Only attach the strap to a vehicle recovery point or device that is suitably rated for use with the strap. Incorrect use has previously resulted in serious injury and death.

Caution : Shackles can become a lethal missile if something should break or fail during a recovery. Ensure that all spectators are well clear & all recovery lines have a dampening blanket on them. NEVER load a shackle across its width because the load will be imposed on the threads. The force must be at right angles to the pin.


Brand RoadSafe 4WD
Shipping Weight 2.8000kg

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