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Racksbrax XD Multi-Awn Adaptor

The XD Multi-Awn Adaptor is engineered to extend the number of roof rack mounted 180°, 270° and 360° wing-style awnings that can be attached to the Racksbrax XD Hitch.

This XD Multi-Awn Adaptor accommodates awnings with spine spacings that fall outside the usual 100-120mm centres that the XD Hitch would usually otherwise suit.

Typical mount point spacings covered by the XD Multi-Awn Adaptor are 65mm (Ostrich Wing 3 270 and Ostrich Junior awnings), 135mm (30 Second awning), 150mm and some awnings that have 4 attachment points such as the Bushwakka® range and the SUPA PEG 270 Shield 6.

Note that awnings MUST NOT have mounting point spacings less than 65mm.

XD Multi-Awn Adaptors come in DOUBLE (9114) and TRIPLE (9115) sets. Refer to the XD Hitch for the appropriate number of Hitches (and matching number of Adaptors) and recommendations related to wind, rain and snow.

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Barcode # 9355802009548
Brand RacksBrax

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