Replacing the Charger in an Manager S2 install with a S3 charger

How to replace the charger in a Manager BMS1230S2 installation with a BNS1230S3 charger

The new generation charger design for REDARC's Manager range includes a second RJ45 socket, but now has the in-built Terminating Resistor removed to align the product with REDARC's R-Bus Standard.

More explanation on this can be found in the explaining the R-Bus system tech tip.

When replacing a charger in an existing S2 setup, the new S3 charger can be used and the install can remain exactly the same. We simply need to add a terminating resistor to the second RJ45 socket.

In the event that a customer S2 charger is to be replaced with an S3 charger, REDARC will supply the unit with the terminating resistor in-place.

1. Remove the AC cord from the existing S2 unit

2. Remove the R-Bus cable from the S2 unit

3. Remove the green coloured Power terminal from the S2 unit

4. Unmount and remove the S2 charger

5. Mount the new S3 charger

6. Ensure the terminating resistor is inserted in one of the RJ45 sockets, and the R-Bus cable is inserted in the other RJ45 socket

7. Re-connect the green coloured Power terminal

8. Re-connect the R-Bus cable

9. Re-connect the AC cord

REDARC BMS1230S2 BMS1230S3 Terminal Comparison