Seat Adapter Kit Nissan Patrol GQ

suit BA BF FG FGX Falcon & VE Commodore Seats

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Commodore VE Front Seats into Nissan GQ Patrol Adaptor Kit Commodore VE Front Seats into Nissan GQ Patrol Adaptor Kit
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Falcon BA BF FG FGX Front Seats into Nissan GQ Patrol Adaptor Kit Falcon BA BF FG FGX Front Seats into Nissan GQ Patrol Adaptor Kit
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Seat Adapter Kit to suit Nissan Patrol GQ

The Huracan Fabrication Seat Adaptor Kit to suit Nissan Patrol GQ is compatible with any BA, BF, FG or FGX Ford Falcon seat or VE Holden Commodore (will not suit the VF) seat.

The Nissan GQ Patrol kit will do both the front seats.

Our adapter kits come with everything you need to directly bolt in both front seats, right down to the last nut and bolt along with step by step instructions.

No cutting, drilling, welding or grinding required for the Falcon or Ve Commodore kits. These kits are 100% bolt in.

Please Note This kit raises the seat height due to the design of the GQ rails. You will sit about 25 mm higher than factory. Please ensure you have adequate headroom before purchasing this kit.

The 4WD Shed can supply & fit all our products. Need seats? Give us a call, we can get in seats by request. Not local? We suggest sourcing your seats from Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook or at your local wreckers.

Please note: By purchasing this kit you accept all responsibility for the modification made to your car. We can only endorse this kit for off-road/private use until you have had it approved by your local roads authority or automotive engineer. Seats shown in the ad are for demonstrations purposes only and are not included in the sale.


Do I need to get a mod plate?

Yes. Any seat swap for a vehicle that did not ship with a particular seat from factory will require a mod plate.We advise speaking with your local engineer prior to purchasing to ensure they can sign off on this modification for you. We can assist you with this if you are local to us.

Shipping & Availability

Most kits are sent out next business day after ordering. Some kits however, such as tailgate storage mods and 100 series/GU Patrol require significant preparation and can be a couple days or even up to a week before being shipped. If time is critical please contact us for an accurate shipping estimate.

Warranty on my items.

We guarantee the structural integrity of the steel used in our seat adapter kits for the life of the vehicle. For other items, such as tailgate storage and bush armour we provide a 24 months warranty against manufacturing defects EG. defective rivets, welds or laminating etc.

The Ford/Holden seat I purchased came with electric rails. Do I need to wire these in?

No, any electrics in the rails will be removed as a part of this modification so there is no need to wire them in. The only exception is for premium model seats such as some FPV/HSV or Luxury models where lumbar support and back rest angle are electric. If you purchase these seats you will need to wire them up yourself.


Brand Huracan Fabrication
Shipping Weight 1.5000kg

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